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An Original Work Inspired by The Wall
A Royal Wallbuster

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Another Stone on da Wall

So Ya Thought Ya Might Like to Go to the Show?

piano Playing Pink Floyd Is Your Soul in the Trash?

Da Stones

Mother (instant MP3)
Another Stone In Da Wall part 1
Comfortably Dumb
Run Like Hell
Another Stone In Da Wall part 2
Sid Barrett
The Happiest Days of our Lives / Anudder Stone On Da Wall part 3

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(c. Live Rock N' Roll (c. My Hands Fel Like Two Balloons

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Start the show by clicking here. This installment requires (a minimum of) the Real Player 5.0. If you need to install the Real Audio multimedia player, please click here.

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This long-play version is about 41 minutes. You can choose the full screen option on your player and achieve reasonable results... er, a... well, pretty crumby results... but, still some of da best for it's time? It is recommended for viewing with an internet connection that allows for a minimum data transfer rate of 31.1Kbps. If the playback is too choppy, try clicking here with your right mouse button to download the .rm file onto your harddrive. Then use your Real Player to open the file called wallall.rm.

Included in the full length version (and not available above) is Wanna Take A Bath? (Original).

(c. Another Brick In The Wall

An original re-building of Pink Floyd's The Wall

thank you:
Roger Waters, David Gilmour, Nick Mason, Richard Wright, Bob Ezram, Andy Bown, Snowy White, Willie Wilson, Peter Woods, John Joyce, Jim Farber, Stan Haas, Joe Chemay, Gerald Scarfe, James Guthrie

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