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A Royal Wallbuster This album is a collection of demo's that were written and recorded spontaneously... by a one-man-band... and mixed on-the-fly as 1-track recordings. (Except for Musical Stew... which has added ingredients.) Though it was performed by one human, it transpired through two spirits -- one in Russia and one in America. Is it fact or is it fiction?

Instruments include: keyboards, guitars, flute, sitar, percussion, xylophone & voices

Instant On-line Music Album

  1. Musical Stew Prelude MP3
  2. Keep Yourself Alive (Bonus Track: Technofried Coversong)
  3. How Many Miles? MP3
  4. Dreams MP3
  5. Stranger Than Fiction MP3
  6. Hear Here Hear MP3
  7. Jobs MP3
  8. Hate Debate MP3
  9. Rostov-on-Don MP3
  10. Forced To Leave You MP3
  11. Fear For Your Life MP3
  12. I'm Runnin' MP3 Bonus Track
  13. Don't Despair MP3
  14. Sundays MP3
  15. Sing MP3
  16. A Musical Stew Fit for a King MP3

lyrics and notes
Musical Stew Fit for a King | How Many Miles? | Dreams | Stranger Than Fiction | Hear Here Hear | Jobs | Hate Debate | Rostov-on-Don | Forced To Leave | Fear For Your Life | Don't Despair | Sundays | Sing

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