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Another Stone in Da Wall part 2
The Paradox Of Life

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What Else Did You Leave Behind For Me?

I have two questions for you.
  1. What shall you do with this life?
  2. How can you do things that are good?

What shall you do with this life?

Most people that I meet... they don't even think. Of the portion of the population that does think, it usually sounds something like this:

My life is a quest for me. My life is a struggle to be free... to be free from the things that bother me... to do the things that I want to do.

On this I do ponder... what happens when you achieve your goal? What shall you do with your freedom? What will you be free to do? How can you be free?

How can you do things that are good?

If your answers to the above questions led you to say:

I hope to be free, so that I may do things that are good.

Is this, too, not a paradox? How can you do things that are good? Are you necessitating the need for evil in your plan?

This multimedia piece also examines these concepts... and other shades of enlightenment.

Wall Mart - Drums
Harry Christna - kanjeera (drum thingie)
Sidd - vocals, systems, multimedia and internet stuff
Wall Lee - guitars, vocals, internet stuff
Capn' & Sparky - animation and multimedia stuff
Dani - vocals and rhythm
Christopher - vocals
Tenphour Aquaz - keyboard, piano, vocals, guitar, multimedia and internet stuff

The Thin Ice (Roger Waters)
Another Stone in Da Wall part 2 (Original)
The Empty Spaces (Roger Waters)
Young Lust (David Gilmour & Roger Waters)
Stoned (Original Instrumental)
Young Lust reprise (David Gilmour & Roger Waters)
Set Me Free... Don't Wanna Build The Wall (Original inspired by Eddie Money's No Control)

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