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Run Like Hell

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words and music by
David Gilmour & Roger Waters

an impromptu performance engineered by
Industrial Noize Pollution (c.

"Run... run... run....
You better make your face up in your fav'rite disguise....
With your button down lips and your roller blind eyes.
With your empty smile and your hungry heart,
Feel the bile rising from your quilty past,
With your nerves in taters...
As the cockleshell shatters...
And the hammers batter down your door...
You better run.

Run... run... run....
Run... run... run....
Run... run... run....

You better run all day,
And run all night,
And keep your dirty feelings deep in-side,
And if you're taking your girlfriend out tonight,
You'd better park the car...
Well out of sight.
'Cos if they catch you in the back seat,
Trying to pick her locks,
They're gonna send you back to mother in a cardboard box.

You better run!"

What The Hell?

Run like hell? It's more like, "What the hell?"... as in, "What the hell is he talking about?" How about guilt?
"Feel the bile rising from your quilty past.
And keep your dirty feelings deep in-side."

So, what things should we feel quilty about?

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