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Chiquita, the banana people, produce and distribute food products worldwide. Their product line includes more than 30 processed banana products, including a variety of shelf-stable ingredients that other food processors use in their products. Besides the fresh bananas, you may have figured that the product is also used in baby food and bar drinks. But, did you know that sliced bananas, banana puree; frozen banana puree; frozen diced, sliced, whole bananas; plantains; banana powder and flakes; banana puree extract; banana essence; and sweetened dried banana pieces?

By the way, do you know America's favorite fruit? This is no monkey business.

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Acquisition Costs

date: Nov. 3, 1998
Buy 100 Shares @ 10 7/8 CQB CHIQUITA BRANDS INTERNATIONAL $1,087.50
Commission $25.00
TOTAL $1,112.50

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