Fade To Black

lyrics to the psalm

"God so loved the world,"
Notice how this is in the past tense...
In the days of old,
But, not in our presence.

"This is the verdict: 
Light had come to this planet, 
But men loved darkness,
Instead of light,
Because their deeds were evil."
Now, we expect forgiveness,
After years of choosing wrong,
Instead of right?
It's gone on for too long!
Sorry to bring on the fright,
But, we'd much rather fulfil,
The prophecy:
"There will be a time of anguish,
... greater than any suffering in history."
This was our wish,
Now, it has come true,
Our time has come due.

Fade to black,
Never to come back,
Fade to black,
Dim the light,
Fade to black,
And, eternal night,
No light in view,
Fade to....

John 3:16 and 19
Daniel 12:2

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