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        Q: what to do?
        A: GIVE MORE THAN 100%


Dear Friends,

About the possibility of man extinctin' 'emself...

Last night, after someone said to me:

        "Well then... it's God's plan."

I thought to myself what a shame.

Since a flurry of scribing like this only comes
every couple years, I wanted to take a step back
... and see what was scribed.

one thing I got outta what ya'll said, is --
this ain't god's plan.  This is man's plan.

Soooo many adults in denial about what we're
doing... and soooo many adults want to convict
god after the fact.   Why do they want to pin it
on god?  I do not know.  Nor, do I understand...
making it very frustrating.

thus, I render the opinion of a peabrained scribe:

man has a plan to kill man

man has enacted the plan

man appears well on his way to achieving his goal,
and taking his toll  (despite any risk to his soul.)

the wisest individuals that will talk to me...  made me
see -- it is not a matter of "if" man will gain victory...
it is a matter of when.

What happens then?

well... the above is purdy much facts and logic

But, what do I think will happen then?

it depends what you want to talk about... over what period
of time... like what will happen to the face of the earth...
and so forth?

well, my opinion is -- I don't like those facts... and when I talk
about those facts... other humans don't like it... cuz it sounds
so ugly.  yeah, I agree.  but, I fear giving up on talking about it,
ain't gonna help... only will hurt.  so here's some blabin'

(What You Have Shown Me) The Shape Of Things To Come

For those who do want to know, you purdy much already do.
you're the ones I've been scribin' for... you're the ones
teaching me.  from what i can gather, these are some things
the teachers agree upon:

reverse iceage lookin... tropical disease, rodents, insects, vegetation,
mildew, mold, spores, etc moving north on the diminishing "ground" that
can be found above sea level

very, very volatile weather patterns

drinking water becomes one of the most valued commodities

many humans.... suffer for a long time... disease... skin
cancer... superstrands of viri...  and the death toll climbs

economics?  any growth based economic plan -- forget about it!

insurance -- forget about it!

all of this according to man's plan.

when think tankers first agreed on these things, the events
were not yet happening in the real world... only scientific
theory.  now, I really see these things happening... today.

what i use to consider your beliefs, i now understand to
be facts.  now, i do not doubt the real world facts.  from
these real world facts and the help of individuals, i am
trying to understand what it all means in The Big Picture

the more I see these "signs" come to be, the more likely
i believe that...

god will need to do what god will need to do -- god's plan

specifically god's "crisis management plan" (in the event
man is out-of-control, break glass and pull lever.)

I mean...
that is when god is likely to be forced to try n' override
man's plan... thus, taking away man's freewill... at least
for a moment... or....

what is god's plan?  well... I would guess god is praying to us...
that we see how close we are to our victory.  and... that we figure
a way out of the mess we've created... WITH god's help, if so desired.

then, god won't need to use a crisis management plan.  it would seem
obvious that god's plan would return to a more desirable way of
helping man... like helping man to plan for the future (instead
of the past. a crisis management plan is really a retro-plan.
a plan for cleaning up a mistake. a plan for a past event... not
a future event.)

there are many souls that have not yet made it into heaven --
god's "problem children" (so to speak.)  these souls will become
increasing uneasy as they understand what is going to happen
when man carries out man's plan (no more 2nd chances for problem

this could force god to do something god does not want to do

so, what is god's plan?  by this logic, no one yet knows god's plan...
except that it depends on man's plan (how it impacts himself, as well
as, how it impacts the "spirits in betwixt.")

i'm still hopin' man comes up with a better plan

Example of What This Might Mean

if we do not listen to god, again... it may look similar to lessons
we've already learnt

adam n' eve... don't eat the forbidden fruit --> she ate it -->
        she bears children in pain

human race... man should not kill man (commandment #6 on many
human's list, I think?)  --> man kills man -->
        man shall no longer bear children

in a nutshell:
if man succeeds in man's plan... knowingly doing so... man
will be making man "less of" an image of god

god made a promise long ago not to try n' destroy mankind

is man looking like god when man tries to destroy mankind?
no.  therefore, it was man who chose not to look like god.

god created man in god's own image.
what does that mean?

god created man
and gave man the ability to create man*

(*commandment #6: on the condition we
do not murder what we create)

to say it another way,
god gave man the power to create life... when
man creates life, he is an image of god (but,
not when he unjustly takes it away.)

sorry to say... ever since man has been graced by
god, man has been killing man

this use to be more of an individual problem...
sometimes in history, even large groups have
violated the commandment... and I would imagine they
paid the price for doing so

but... I can find no other time... when all living adults
conspired to... and committed murder to...

        all the life they had created.

Q: what to do?

like i said, i agree with ya... i don't like the current
man plan.  so, i'm with ya --

        in the mean time, some of us will give greater than a
        100% effort in solving our problem (by every individual
        giving 100% + doing whatever we can to create a
        synergetic effect amongst ourselves.)

this is the opinion.  it is what i believe you have taught me.

is my opinion correct?

da scribe

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