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Did I expect,
An expectorant,
To be a flavor filled,

It does more for us,
Than mucus,
If you expect,
Your expectorant,
To also be,
An antiseptic,
Helping keep ya',
From getting sick.

You can expect this,
From your expectorant,
If it comes from a plant,
With methyl's essential oils,
You can dine on thyme,
And, you can't miss,
With Miss Rosemary.

There's more than one remedy:
At thyme tea gargle,
It's a good deal,
For helping a soar throat heal,
Or, drink it,
To be tough,
On a cough,
And, sooth your glands,
Did ya' know what the brew,
Can do for you?
Crush it in your hands,
As a step toward,
Helping to ward,
Away germs and bacteria,
It's a way for ya',
To use thyme,
So ya don't loose time,
Once more,
Hang it indoor,
For the hygienic aroma,
Keeping you healthier,

What did you expect from it?


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