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What was that I was going to tell you?
Oh, yes.  Don't forget to eat your rosemary,
It will help you remember a thing or two,
And, it's good for your soul... very!

   Keep those evil spirits away,
   Oh, Rosemary,
   Please keep those spirits at bay.

The "Dew Of The Sea,"
Just may cure me,
For as I recall,
It's a cure-all,
Be an aromatherapist,
And, take a whiff,
A smell you can't resist,
While giving your headache,
A break.


Clean your breath,
Calm a cough,
What the heck,
It's good luck,
Can make you well,
Or, break a spell,
Break a sprig off,
For some mind depth.


Sheltered the Virgin Mary,
And, the Holy Family,
Fleeing to Egypt,
Escaping the army... barely,
For her cloak,
A good fit --
Color change invoke.


It will grow no taller than Christ,
And, live no longer than his life, 
But, it's properly priced,
To relieve worries and strife.


Rosemary has long been associated with the Virgin Mary. Some stories have Mary cloaking the rosemary bush with her coat changing the color of the flowers from white to blue. Others believe she hung Jesus' clothes on what she thought was a rosemary bush, but was actually sunshine. Still others believe the bush gave the Holy Family protection and shelter as they fled to Egypt. The folklore that followed included the ideas that rosemary would grow no taller than Jesus, nor outlive his 33 year life span.

Rosemary is rich in calcium, vitamins A and C.

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