Em / Em7

Inspired by a conversation over the article Free Money aka Arbitrage


Why wear arbitrage,
Around the neck,
Like an albatross?

What the heck?
Do I believe in gravity?
Is asking an absurdity?

The forces of the market,
More than predict it,
They make it...
Again and again,
Until reaching equilibrium.

No need to be outraged,
By arbitrage,
It can be a friend of ours,
Like any other tool,
When put in the hands of a fool...
Whoa! Ohhhhh no!

The gotta have money,
To make money, 
Ain't that funny,
When you're the stool,
And, to see the rich,
Get richer,
By exploiting the difference,
In cents,
May not seem to make sense,
But, in the end it does,
Market equilibrium,
Is the same for you and me,
Just like them,
What goes around,
Comes around,
And, the social equilibrium,
Will reach justification,
Where supply meets demand,
Is the price,
Where good meets evil,
Is justice,
Makes me stammer,
In awe.

Soooo... I'll try not to play the fool,
And, use the tool,
To the best of my ability,
With ample,
Taking the example,
Of the blind man,
Who picked up his hammer,
And, saw....

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