Free Money
(a.k.a. Arbitrage)

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Subject: the challenge

Q: How can an aging round table member make money (survive) without working?

A: This can be done... but, one would need to listen very carefully... and, follow instructions... even more carefully... in a rapid fashion.

Unfortunately, most students don't have either the patience or the mental fortitude... to do deals of this magnitude. Therefore, about 97% end up falling short... and, choose to rely solely on their physique.

Thus, the sad state of our civilization... abandonment of spirit... abandonment of mind... only to be dependent on their aging... and, exponentially decaying bodies.

What do you know about arbitrage? (No, it isn't the 17th president)

This is how you do it:

you need to find 2 (or more) things that are not at parity.

most common are:

foreign currencies
interest rates
publicly traded stocks

I quite often use interest rates. If I can borrow money at 5% and invest it at 6%... I make 1% on the money.

Can you think of 2 things that are not at parity... and that you could help facilitate the return to parity? You had mentioned time and real estate to me. Both, of these things are meaningful.

Arbitrage is riskless when it is performed in it's true sense... instantaneously.

Most people can use arbitrage techniques with their mortgage. Another way for an average investor is to use real estate - their home. (They call it flipping in the real estate industry.)


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