Making Angels In The Snow

Snow angel landing in the Philadelphia Area.

Recently, we were mailed a request:
I would like somebody or something to make angels in the snow.

Our reply: Did somebody say snowday? It doesn't take much of a nudge to get a Pennsylvanian out in the snow. Since some of our audience may not know what angels in the snow are, perhaps we should explain the significance of the "spontaneous appearance of angels in the snow".

Early in a native's life, the need for spontaneity is evident in the wake of a blizzard. Snow covered roads, power outages and other side-effects from winter induced Acts Of God, require a more fluid planning process… just to stay alive.

However, when the situation becomes less threatening, the benefits of spontaneity become more evident. What's more fun than an early dismissal because of the snow? Well, that's an easy one -- a snowday (no school at all).

Children of all ages gather in the snow Whenever there is such a snow related event, children of all ages spontaneously come together and share many strange traditions. Snow forts, icicle-pops, snow flavor taste testing, open mouth flake catching, tunneling, and snow angels are among the rituals that have been handed down through many generations.

The accompanying motion picture chronicles the arrival home from an early dismissal, the gathering of the troops, and the fulfillment of your request -- somebody or something making angels in the snow.

MPEG4 .avi file (5.5M, Higher Quality, 30 frames per second, 44kHz stereo, 720x480)

Microsoft .avi file (2M, 3 frames per second, 11kHz mono, 240x160)

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