Cape May Beach, New Jersey
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Cape May Beach, New Jersey

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White Sandy Beaches

Along the southern most coast of New Jersey, there is a series of islands in the Atlantic Ocean. Building and raking in the sand, frolicking with the family, lying on the white sandy beaches, and being with the ocean... seeing the ocean, smelling the ocean, hearing the ocean, and being IN the ocean -- these are some of our favorite things "down at" the Jersey Shore.

From the Greater Philadelphia Region, the Shore Points are easily reached for either day-trips or extended vacations. The closest, friendliest beach... with the whitest sand, is probably found in Ocean City, New Jersey. The trip takes about an hour-and-a-half. You can take either the Ben Franklin Bridge or the Walt Whitman Bride to the Atlantic City Expressway. Then, exit south on the Garden State Parkway. (If you get to Atlantic City, you have gone to far.)

Did you know Ocean City is a "dry" town? If you are interested in having a couple drinks with dinner, you might want to continue south. Another 45 minutes to an hour south on the Garden State Parkway will take you to Cape May. You'll pass Sea Isle City, Avalon, Stone Harbor and Wildwood.

A Seagull at the Jersey Shore Since Cape May is located on the very tip of New Jersey, it offers some unique experiences. For instance, the weather systems can be quite intriguing to watch. Large scattered cumulus clouds will start to overtake the high wisping cirrus clouds. In short order, the cumulus clouds build into a towering black cumulonimbus "thunderhead". And, before you know it, the surf kicks up and the wind starts to blow. Then, just as quickly, the clouds will part to reveal a shear blue sky. It is not unusual for it to be sunny on one side of the island and raining on the other side.

Another common storm front is recognizable from the distinct look of nimbostratus clouds. Nimbostratus clouds are low altitude clouds that are dark grey in color and appear uniform across the horizon. The atmosphere below a sheet of stratus clouds is exceptionally clear (which makes distant objects look quite close.) As these storm fronts move up the coast, you can actually see across the Atlantic Ocean to Rehoboth Beach, Delaware.

Though the children are usually more interested in the arcades and playing skee ball, the wildlife may be enjoyed for free. With the naked eye, you can view a wide variety of fish, crabs, seagulls, sting rays, and the family favorite -- bottle nose dolphins. Several times a day you can watch the dolphins performing their purposing motion up and down along the shore. Occasionally, they come amazingly close to land.

More Low Cost Fun

The Tide Rushes
in... and onto a Jersey Beach Low and no-cost action includes body surfing, swimming, walking on the beach, walking on the boardwalk, biking, surfing, jogging, rowing, kite flying, and astronomiezing as you stare into the crystal clear night-time sky.

Tolls & Beach Tags

You will need to bring some money on this adventure. Both the Atlantic City Expressway and the Garden State Parkway are toll roads. Most of the towns located at the Shore Points charge a toll to cross the bridge onto their island. And, don't forget... the bridges charge a toll when you cross back into Philadelphia.

Also to note: almost all of the beaches in South Jersey require that you buy a "beach tag" during the times that a lifeguard is on duty.

Surfers in the Atlantic Ocean
off of the New Jersey Coast

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