Hello Hallowed Halloween

Pumpkin Head

October 31
Haunted House
Montgomery County, Pennsylvania

A 2nd Grade class was given a homework assignment. In preparation for their spelling test, a student could choose to write a poem using at least half of the spelling words. The following was written with the help of the 7-year-old. Her spelling words are highlighted in orange.

Is all lost?
Another black night,
FRIGHT! My favorite night.

Candy For
Trick Or Treat Pink turns to,
Purple turns to,
Brown turns to,

Treat is better than trick,
I think it is safe to say,
Halloween is my favorite...

p.s. I don't mind the candy.

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The Ghosts

The following movies and soundtracks were recording in a centuries old farmhouse (which many believe to be haunted.) The impromptu music was influenced by Johann Sebastian Bach's Toccata And Fugue (in D Minor).

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Of The Shadows

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