(Cognitive Open Source "Up" Music is a Universal Language)

working titles:
Cookin' Something Up, Playing It Up, or Things Are Looking Up!

Which do you like better?

Though copyrights its music and mulitmedia projects (so that we may control the intent behind its delivery), our artists realize they are only conduits.

Please feel free to use them as a passage between your world and the next. All pieces are "works in progress". Come on and join in?

These songs are also likely to appear on the soundtrack to Games (Without Frontiers).



Click here with your left mouse button to start playing the song. Or, use your right mouse button to download the midi file. Then, feel free to improve on it, add your name, and send it back to

It starts where Genesis' Supper's Ready left off. You might call this the theme song for A Feast to Benefit Mankind.


Kids' Games

The Goal

Bad Things

Mother Should I Run for President?
This song is inspired by a line from a Pink Floyd song, and a conversation with Peter Gabriel.

Lyrics & Such
This song made a dreamer's dream come true. How about the same for you? You can help write a song with Peter Gabriel and friends. It's about the underdog overcoming.

Foggin' Up My Eyes
Ray Davies of the Kinks has a place in history as a great songwriter. This song was inspired by the song Apeman. Click through to more info.

Dear Ms. Steam

Is he too busy saving the world to save the world?

This was written while we were working on a cover version of Helter Skelter. Check out the lyrics, MP3 and music video.

Is the old fart a hypocrite... I doubt it.

In Your Eyes latin version
Filo is in the studio. (I like saying that.) So, add to that an MP3 and music video... coming soon. How do you say Peter Gabriel in Spanish?

America... All Right!
Instant MP3 Impromptu Demo Check this out... not only was this song written on-the-fly... it's a one (1) track recording... only in America! hehehe :) Just kidding. You are free to do it anywhere.

Supper's Ready
Peter Gabriel's Critique

Check out the band -- Up