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Duel Wielding

Duel Wielding 
from Halo Live

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Duel wielding is a special talent that involves holding a weapon in each hand. One must be able to multi task in a ambidextrous sort-of way. When playing Halo, there are a multitude of weapons that can be wielded at the same time. Two of the same weapons can be wielded or certain variations of different weapons can be used at the same time. For instance, spikers, maulers, plasma and some machine guns, can be duel wielded. When using a spiker, the trigger can be continuously employed. But, when using a mauler, the trigger must be pulled for each shot. Some people find it easier to hold certain weapons in their right hand while others find it easier to hold the same weapon in their left hand.

Try a variety of combinations to see where you are most talented, as well, as what combinations are the most deadly. Some combinations work better at close range. Duel wielded maulers are perhaps one of the most severe close range attacks. Some players even prefer this combination over a shotgun. If you are approaching someone from a distance, you may want to hold the trigger on a spiker until you get close enough to finish them off with a mauler.

Give it a try and see where your talents reside.

Duel Wielded Maulers

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