whirlpools, tornadoes, and such

Vortices Formulae

velocity = distance/time

acceleration = velocity/time

forced vortex:
circulation = tau = 2wA
where w = rotation = average angular velocity (a vector quantity)
A = area enclosed by the contour

free vortex:
circulation = 2(pi)C

Vortex Prose

Vortex flow

Vortices II
Vortices and singularites

Vortices III
A historical note

Cartesian Vortices
Musings by Rene Descartes

Cartesian Vortices: Yabuttal
a Yabuttal for Rene

The Decline of Determinism
The first blow: The Uncertainty Principle

Example Problem Where Earth is in a Vortex

if acceleration = velocity/time
and v = speed of light = 2.9979*10^8 m/s
and for the sake of argument we are accelerating at pi (rounded to 15 decimal places) m/s^2

then time = 95426120.77903860 seconds (rounded to 16 significant digits)
= 1104.468990498130 days
= 3.025942439720910 years = roughly 3 years + 9.5 days as relative to the rotation and revolution of the planet earth.

a couple other fundamental physical constants to contemplate:
permitivity of free space = 8.854*10^(-12) C^2/(N*m)
permeability of free space = 4(pi)*10^(-7) Wb/(A*m)

Important note: this is motion at constant speed in a circle. So the speed of light isn't changing but the direction of motion is, so there is acceleration (= change in velocity, not speed is the acceleration. Velocity has a direction as well as a magnitude, it is a vector, not a scalar like speed.)


the tricky part is .. u cannot maintain a constant acceleration like pi m/s^2 on a massive body

Does anyone want details ?

A couple decades later (while working on formulas for the acceleration rate of climate change) I ask Sidd:
... and what does the answer mean?
" 3.025942439720910 years = roughly 3 years + 9.5 days as relative to the rotation and revolution of the planet earth"

Is it the Earth's rotation in the flow of the vortex?

Sidd replied:
The answer doesn't mean very much... for example the speed we chose is c,
but nothing except light moves at speed c, and we know that neither earth nor
any material object can move or does move at speed c ... so that answer
isn't too useful

I think we just intended to show a calculation and people can plug in their own, hopefully more realistic numbers

Then, I recalled:
At the time we were working on a couple of concepts. One had to do with the perception of time as the environmental conditions deteriorate at an exponential rate. The other had to do with the momentum of humankind.

So yes... what you did was get me thinking about the rate of acceleration in global warming...
it's kind-a like we are spiraling out-of-control faster and faster.. as if in a vortex... and...
how climate change is a vector (not a scalar like speed.)

... which got me thinking a lot more about the energy in the whole system moving around... not just as heat.

As an example, in the first 6 months of 2023 there were 15 confirmed weather/climate disaster events with losses exceeding $1 billion each to affect United States. These events included 1 flooding event, 13 severe storm events, and 1 winter storm event.

None of these events were directly related to heat. Almost all of the events were caused by violent weather. Momentum caused the most damage. (Also see: A Hard Rain Is Falling)

Which reminded me of what started us on this study... what we were working on at the time and still are...
*How to change the momentum of the human race and climate change without going any faster.* a big ship heading for a waterfall...
and all the crew and engine working at full steam could not go any faster to reverse direction
So we created one of the first www games... this was/is the final anti-IQ pop quiz question:

"What are at least two (2) ways that you can increase your momentum, without increasing your speed?"
Hint: Momentum is equal to mass x velocity (p=mv).

Acceleration of Climate Change

Could the acceleration of global warming be calculated in a similar way?

Human induced climate change is an exponential component of an unordered system (chaos theory). That means global warming is accelerating at a rapid rate in a complex way -- a climate crisis.

More about the acceleration of climate change into the climate crisis.

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Whirlpool In A Toilet
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