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Voice In The Sky

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First VerseWords and Music by Justin Hayward
Music Video: Click here to start downloading a 2.6M .avi file.
Blue bird flying high,
Tell me what you sing,
If you could talk to me,
What news would you bring...
Of voices in the sky?

This is an impromptu adaptation of the Moody Blue's classic, Voices In The Sky.

The musicians were recorded 'live on location', which include a dock and a haunted house. The five pieces (vocals with guitar, keyboards, piano, vocals, guitar) were all played spontaneously... and independently. They were then combined into one song.

We believe this song to be the only one ever recorded in this fashion. (ps the birds are real... in fact, everything is real.)

Second VerseMusic by Justin Hayward / Words are an original adaptation
Music Video: Click here to start downloading a 1.6M .avi file.
Old man passing by,
Tell me what you sing,
In your voice,
I can hear... eternity...
r i n g g g g ....

Like voices in the sky,
Voices in the sky.

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