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What do you know about light and dark?

well, that sounds like an easy question... i figure you don't want a simple answer

(al goes for a ciggy to help brain)

ok. first light is a presence of something and dark is an absence of something. on the other hand, darkness is sometimes more tangible than light because we take light for granted (i.e. get up at dawn and retire at dusk).

darkness is generally scary because it conceals as light reveals, but there must be certain dark things like black holes and dark matter. i guess dark is seen to be an obstacle which acts like a barrier between us and the light.

ergo light is truth and dark is lies (falsehood), but that would imply that darkness doesn't really exist.

(ciggy finished now)

i figure the membrane itself is that which stands between light and dark, so the membrane is a kind of filter which allows just enough truth to enlighten but not so much as to cause a 'burn out'.

22:00h now

however, in a way, light is black and dark is white and the membrane is grey (the grey suits of politicians which stand between the "men in black" (priests) and the men in white (psychiatrists)) these represent the church, the people and the state respectively.

of course, that's just representations. if you want to know what's really going on you should ask a scientist.

your "membrane" is, i assume, a metaphor for the present - the short term memory. my truck is with the ones who say that time is a line which goes from past to future with a simple dot to represent the present - as if the present is just an moment in an ongoing story. i prefer (at least i would prefer if i could handle the implications) to believe that the past is instantaneous and the present is more drawn out. can you figure that?

it seems sometimes that everything that has gone before is all subsumed by a single instant - complete in itself - and that (to paraphrase Sartre) the present exists only for itself (etre-pour-soi) as an ego to the past's id.

also, the supposed "big-bang" theory gets these two mixed up and leads to theorising about what came before.

so, there is the theory about the "cosmeg" which precedes the big bang. but the egg is (viz the doors of perception) symbolic of the present, not the past. what would the story of the universe be like if the cosmeg came after the big bang - would the universe be expanding or contracting?

sorry to lecture, but i need some feedback on this.

i see the universe (of the divine psyche) as following the pattern:

<<<<<<<<<<< =========== >>>>>>>>>>> oooooooooo

creation... processing... judgment... managing

in 1000 year periods starting with the "intervention" at year 0

that makes year 2000 the end of the processing and the beginning of the judgment.

ergo the universe is going to start contracting in 2001.

to come back to your question of light and dark, we are entering an era of absolute darkness, where the sum light of the universe will have reached its limit and calculations can be made with accuracy about the future. the only rational response to this is to become irrational.



mr. abc


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