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Surrender, Hark & Heed
(The Warning Signs)

Waaaa Oh, No! Looks Like Trouble

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Warning Signs

Surrender... hark... and heed. Surrender... stop... cease moving in your current direction. Hark... look around... and listen. Heed... pay careful attention to what you senses are telling you... and give consideration to your next action.

Did you notice any warning signs? Quite often there are warning signs right before our eyes, but we fail to see them. For instance, take the weather... what are some warning signs that there is going to be a storm? Hmmm.... let me think... here are some that my mother told me:

What sort-of warning signs could you give off if you were in trouble? Would you scream... or whistle very loud? What else can you do to warn other people?

What sort-of warning signs do you think the Earth would give off if it was in trouble?

About The Video

Surrender, Hark & Head: The Band

The video is based on an extemporaneous piece of music. Do you know what extemporaneous means? It means the music and words were made up on-the-spot. The scenes of the people playing musical instruments were from the first, and only, time that the song was ever played. If you listen closely you can hear me singin' and playing the guitar, Edit playing a walking drum, Krishna playing a kanjeree (drum), and Capn' playing congas (drums).

The idea that became the song and video was influenced by my environment. Since there have been so many storms lately, it inspired me to start thinking about warning signs... the words go something like this:

The Girls

Get the girls in the kitchen,
Get the cows in the barn,
There's gonna be,
A real big storm.

The wind will howl,
And, the trees will blow,
(It's gonna storm),
Or, don't cha know?

The Cows

Get the girls in the kitchen,
Get the cows in the barn,
There's gonna be,
A real big storm.

I was out walking in the night...
... I had a terrible fright,
I saw the clouds grow dark...
(Pause... or should I say surrender?)
Thick as smoke...
The Storm
Hark? (I think I hear thunder...
by the way, did you know it takes thunder
about 6 seconds to travel a mile?)

Get the girls in the kitchen,
Get the cows in the barn,
There's gonna be,
A real big storm.

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