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sent to us from Monti in North Lauderdale, FL

It's sad that our children learn from us and not us from them... for their minds are so pure at heart. There is no born hatred as they enter this world; it is truly through love and peace that they come. The smiles come so easily from their hearts and always such simple solutions... how they think of others with compassion. Think back... have you ever shed a tear around a child and not felt the "embracing hug" of a child's love and concern... or, seen that child's eyes swell with hurt for you.

It's true our children aren't born with our ideas. We teach them. They look up to us. They love us. And, they want to be just like us. It's sad that we feed our children the by-product of our pain, guilt, hatred, racism, and greed.

Us learning from children... imagine that. What a world that would be?

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