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A Pale Red

This is an original adaptation of Pink Floyd's The Wall. The music being used as the soundtrack was performed spontaneously. The original songs are extemporaneous. The moving pictures come from the performance, as well as, through volunteers working together over the internet.

Are You Aware of What is Going on Around YOU?

The images used to supplement the live footage were chosen to help illustrate a point... or, rather... they were chosen to help encourage you to wake-up and ask yourself the question, "Are you comfortably numb.

You will see: an atomic bomb test, Iraqi prisoner of war, World War II tank commander, and other shadowy things. On the other hand, you can see a cryostat (a laboratory device used to drop temperatures to 1 degree above absolute zero), computer networks and other enlightening things.

Are You Comfortably Numb?

So, I figure... that by definition... if I interact with others, I won’t become comfortably dumb. Therefore, I asked my mates about what they thought it meant to be comfortably numb. Here’s what a few of ‘em had to say:

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running time: 7:16

Harry Christna - kanjeera (drum thingie), bass
Sidd - vocals, systems, multimedia and internet stuff
Wall Lee - guitars, vocals, internet stuff
Capn' & Sparky - animation and multimedia stuff
Dani - vocals and rhythm
Christopher - vocals
Tenphour Aquaz - piano, keyboards, vocals, guitar, multimedia and internet stuff

Goodbye Blue Sky (Roger Waters)
Ooooh... That's Sweet (original)
Bring the Boys Back Home (Roger Waters)
Comfortably Numb (David Gilmour & Roger Waters)
I Am Alive part 2 (original)

stayed tuned

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