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This just isn't right!
by "ruined my good name"

My sister was staying with us for about two weeks. She is on probation, and has a herion addiction. She wanted to come up and try to straighten her life out and to get her children back. One condition that we told her probation officer was that if she decided to leave that we would contact her. She left, we contacted her probation officer. My sister got very mad, she called our local police dept. and lied.

She told the police that we sold pot, she saw several transactions, and that I was going to the Philadelphia area to buy a pound. The police in turn took what she had to say as the gospel; acting solely on the lies she had told them. I don't think anyone especially a police dept. has the right to go into someone's home just because someone has a grudge; or is mad about something someone did. I think they should have "checked her out" and her statement out before getting a search warrant. I think the police should be retrained on how to handle information they receive. Thanks to them they ruined my good name. If they only would have followed me on Tuesday the 12th of January they would have known that her statement was false. I think they could have done a better job. Then they write in the paper they thought there was a major pot operation going on. Everybody I talked to can't believe this could happen... even a cop from a different dept. It seems like we have taken another step toward communism.

This just isn't right!

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