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Control Theory
The Immigration of Control Theory via a Lead Balloon

Let the Packet Migration Begin!

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An adaptation of Led Zeppelin's Immigrant Song

an impromptu performance engineered by
Industrial Noize Pollution (c.

So, Sidd says to me, "Do ya wanna go catch my friend, Ernie, speaking at the American Control Conference?"

I thunk to meself, "Self, you've gotta a lot of work to do on the Immigrant Song. What does this have to do with Led Zeppelin?"

But, with a name like the American Control Conference, I had to find out more....

So, I sayz to Sidd, "What are you talkin' about? Who are these people and what are they trying to control?"

And, he tells me, "They are mostly mathematicians, physicists, engineers... and they are trying to control everything."

Then I thunk to meself agin', "Self, maybe this has some tie-ins with the Immigrant Song? We are your overlords. What is an overlord anyway?"

"Hey, Sidd... isn't an overlord some kind of control freak? What does the agenda to this conference look like?"

And, Sidd replies:

Subject: fight card for scientific conference

one fone call to new mexico later, and Ernie tells me this is when he speaks:

wed 10:00 - Adams Mark Gettysburg Room
He'll be cleverly masquerading as one of his colleagues and chairs a session on "Robust Control (I)"

wed 16:20 - same place
The session is called "Robust Robot Control (I)". Ernie ascends the stage dressed in only a tutu (just seeing if you're paying attention) and declaims on "Control of Uncertain Nonholonomic Mechanical Systems Using Differential Flatness"

thurs 16:00 - same place
Ernie said e wuz gonna do sumpn' bout global stability (stability, local or global, is a property of solutions of differential equations... coincidentally, this is the one we filmed for the video)

anyhoo, seems like a good time will be had by all


Then, the little light clicked in me head... about all the things we've said... how many countries currently try to control immigrants? Why?

Who are the overlords, anyhoo... us or them?

While I pondered this point, I thought I'd ask me new friend, Ernie, "Do you know anything about controlling me thirst." That is when he turned me on to Harpoon's India Pale Ale... proving himself to be the Control Master.

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