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A conversation between
Robert (shown with a *) of Surveyor
The Philadelphia Spirit Experiment (pse email

* hello again,
* just checked out the 2 new avi's.

2109 First Verse .avi download (3+M)

2109 Chorus .avi download (3+M)

*the first worked fine now... we got the whole thing.

*They look great!

*We noticed the negative image was taken
* out of the first part. we didn't mean to remove it completely, it was
* cool, just a little too much.

2109 Original Version of the First Verse .avi download (3+M)

well... i figger you were right... on the small screen, it helps
to see the true colors first... so you get the picture in your mind...
then we started using the "solarize" stuph further into the action

* The chorus avi was really nice... definitely
* like the digital stuff. By the way, the castle setting was done on an
* estate that had a much larger castle that was a model of one in
* germany. Would it be possible to add a little more of that?

sure... do we have footage of the larger castle?

* Overall, we like the direction.
* Are you planning to make them into the whole song?

more than likely... this is the phase 1 part -- get a coupla
internet friendly pieces up and build on it from there

also, more than likely, the production will appear to slow down...
but that is mostly do to "wanting to leave some holes open"

then as the *big project* unfolds, 2109 can stay involved as we
"fill in" the holes

so in summary... the theory goes...
1) we have a coupla multimedia files that can stand on their own
2) we have a coupla seeds that we can plant and watch grow

the next phase is planting, watering, etc.

+ the 2 clips will be given a home
+ they will be included on existing webpages
+ they will be included on the new ygraine project (your soakin' in it)

there is a team of pointy-heads settin' up a server with a gig
o' space... this will be 2109's mother... an artist & user
interface is being developed

by what appears to me a phen-am-a-nam-a-nal coincidence, the
purpose of ygraine is to do exactly what you described as the
meaning to 2109:

"think ahead for many years... instead of tomorrow.

then, we can plan for tomorrow... better.

Our ancestors who laid the cornerstones seemed to think much
farther into their future.

The rest is up to imagination."

in essence, ygraine is an experiment in planning

so far it appears as though the experiment will:
1) contain a factual overview of modern history (past)
2) examine the day (present)
3) scenario plan for mankind with a timeline to 2109 (future)

once the interface is up-n-runnin', i'll give ya a password
so that you can help us beta test er... sound groovy?

* Look forward to seeing more... thanx.


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