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From Atom (somewhere in Russia):


Whether we are lonely in the Universe?

Whether there are reasonable forms of life on the planet Earth?

Dear Friends,
If you are looking for a high tech contemporary instrumental music (not dance) to publish, then the letter might interest you.

I completed the recording of my album called "AstroEpos". It is structured as a 45 min. travel from a catastrophic ecstatic mood to a gradual transition to meditative relaxation.

The music is somewhere in the field of space, dark ambient, industrial, noise, electronic experimental, it is not quite standard but might it not be bad?

Would you like to listen it?
I can send you the cassette, recorded on a double
speed (9.53cm\s) and with Dolby C.
It is of good quality and not expensive for me.
For listening to it you will need a double cassette recorder with
a possibility of copying at a high speed (fast copy)
and Noise Reduction = Dolby C.
You can select any variant:
1. Double speed with Dolby C.
2. Double speed without Dolby C.
3. Usual speed (4.76cm\s) with/without Dolby C.
Cassette will be recorded from DAT (48 kHz).

I hope I have not tired you out with these options. Please send me your choice.
I have a mastertape (DAT (48 kHz)) and the copyright.
With best regards,


BTW I have around 80 CDs of Seedmouth. I would like to sell them in parts or altogether as you wish.

Dear Atom,

thank you for your submission... the tape arrived this week (after a 3 month journey.)

our multimedia production crew would have an interest in developing some material utilizing Astroepos and you.

the concept includes a made for the internet movie

the soundtrack would include a mix of your Russian "space, dark ambient, industrial, noise, tunes" and our U.S. industrial noize pollution... joined together in a unified project

the "plot" would revolve around globalization... the reality of it happening in the world today... but, hopefully we can present it with a futuristic feel.

if you have an interest in pursuing the matter, we can supply you with further thoughts and a contract.


The Membrane Domain

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