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Elders, wisemen, shaman and other friends of the family, lend me your ear... as C.F.O., I hereby offer the following long term game plan:

The outline below shows the participants (board members), requirements for participation, team leaders, basic rules, as well as, the overall objectives.

Members of the board are believed to be supporting "our" efforts on a daily basis... for the most part, the members are already familiar with each other, however; it would be difficult for all to know the extent of each others' involvement... whether it is a 48 hour emergency programming need... a 6 month sales attempt... or 3 day video shoot... we thank you.

Here is part of our long term repayment plan to you:


Board members -- members of the board are either tenured or working toward tenure.

tenure = 15 [points announced by chief financial officer and will be based on merit (or in some instances on a cash basis) with a minimum of 1 point for every active and progressive year of participation]

C.F.O.. = chief financial officer --> (day to day trading & all non-real estate related financial transactions)

C.R.E.O.. = chief real estate officer --> (day to day real estate related operations & all real estate related transactions)


objectives listed in order of importance:
  1. continued funding of R&D in the area of human preservation
  2. long term savings
  3. income - as needed for those who are devoting substantial hours to the Experiment and are without other substantial means of income


Financial instruments, transactions and other partnerships and arbitrageur sorts-of ventures.


As of the date of this posting, funding will begin (with a maximum of $30,000 USD.) After the money is doubled, the fund's plan will be reevaluated.


The above plan is based upon many contingencies, including but not limited to:
  1. active participation by the board member in The Membrane Domain's R&D projects
  2. acts of God

At any time the plan could be revamped, stopped liquidated, etc.

This is not a public offering.

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