Jurisdiction Over "Removal Of Ownership Rights" (Part II)

From: The SEC

Dear Sir or Madam:

Thank you for your recent e-mail to the group electronic mailbox of the Division of Enforcement at the United States Securities and Exchange Commission in Washington, D.C. This automated response confirms that the Division of Enforcement has received your e-mail.

We are always interested in hearing from members of the public, and you may be assured that the matter you have raised is being given careful consideration in view of the Commission's overall enforcement responsibilities under the federal securities laws. It is, however, the Commission's policy to conduct its inquiries on a confidential basis. The Commission conducts its investigations in this manner to preserve the integrity of its investigative process as well as to protect persons against whom unfounded charges may be made or where the Commission determines that enforcement action is not necessary or appropriate. Subject to the provisions of the Freedom of Information Act, the existence or non-existence of an investigation as well as information which may be gathered thereunder is not disclosed unless made a matter of public record in proceedings brought before the Commission or in the courts.

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Very truly yours,

John Reed Stark
Chief, Office of Internet Enforcement
US Securities & Exchange Commission

dear mr. stark,

thank you for your reply. pursuant to your offer to help with "additional information or questions pertaining to this matter," i have several questions.

since this matter has to do with Boston CHICKEN, is the SEC required to render an advisory opinion under The Bankruptcy Act of 1938?

if so, how can i (as an individual shareholder) have my opinion heard by the SEC prior to an opinion being rendered?

also, i recently received a response from Lawrence White, CFO of boston CHICKEN, on the matter of "transferring my ownership without my consent," and he said, "... there can be no assurance that existing stockholders will retain any value."

what quasi-governmental agency might protect my retirement plan from such an atrocity?

  1. Is it the SEC for the reasons mentioned above?
  2. Is it ERISA or Penny Benny (since it involves a retirement fund)?
  3. Is it the Fed (since the outcome of this matter could effect monetary policy)?

thank you for you help. i shall await your advice.

office of assistance

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