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This is a monitored business bulletin board of private business and private transactions. The articles are listed in chronological order (so you may want to start at the bottom of the page to see the most current listings).

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The Lyon Is Born
Aug. 9, 1998
After a "family" grew from the Internet's fertility, an investment group was born (Lyonvest). This is the first email charting the attempt to jump from business R&D project to real dollars.

You Own Lycos!
Aug. 17, 1998
This is not spam! It is an overview of the initial Lyonvest transacations including a covered call on Lycos.

The Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia, Cash and Interest Rates
Aug. 25, 1998
Q: How invested in the market should we be right now? A: Not very.

Personal Position
Aug. 26, 1998
Lyonvest is but a cub, so please do not neglect your personal financial plan. Please do examine your personal portfolio. Certainly, stay away from mutual funds... but, what about other equity?