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Of all the Internet companies to come out of the 90's, these guys are one of the real McCoys. Like many of the original Internet pioneers, they started off as a quasi-research sort-of project that included Carnagie Mellon. In fact, when I just went and did a search for "Carnagie Mellon" at, the first result was
How to Search Information in the Web?
Lycos WWW search engine (Carnagie Mellon)
At this time, the stock has particular appeal because of its price and the price for its call options.

Acquisition Costs

date: Aug. 17, 1998 (This page has been modified to reflect a 2 for 1 stock split.)
Buy 200 Shares @ 30 11/16 LCOS LYCOS INC. $6,137.50
Commission $25.00
TOTAL $6,162.50

Capital Gains

January 16, 1999
SOLD 200 @ 32.50 (less commission)

Net proceeds from the sale. $6,472.98
Less acquisition costs = net profit before taxes (Capital Gains) $310.48

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