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Alta Vista

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What is the most undervalued Internet stock? Alta Vista!

Since the beginning of the world wide web, I've been tracking the effects of search engines. Without doubt, there are 2 search engine companies that have always been "far out in-front" -- Yahoo and Alta Vista.

Have you seen the price of Yahoo over the last 90 days? It has gone from a low of around $56/share to over $164/share. And, over the last 2 years it has climbed from $2/share. Why wouldn't Alta Vista have the same sort-of impact on the value of its stock? Perhaps because nobody seems to be able to figure out the name of the Alta Vista stock. Once the experts realize that Alta Vista is worth at least as much as Yahoo, the price should take off.

Oh, yeah... by the way, when you buy stock in Alta Vista you get free stock in Compaq Computer and Digital Equipment, too.

The stock symbol on the NYSE is CPQ (Compaq Computer Corp.)

Acquisition Costs

date: Nov. 8, 1998
Buy 100 Shares @ 32 CPQ COMPAQ COMPUTER CORP. $3,200.00
Commission $25.00
TOTAL $3,225.00

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