Occupy Wall Street? Occupy Yourself!

by Daniel Brouse

What a shame: all these ignoramuses protesting a free economy. What are they protesting? They do not know.

First of all, corporations should not be paying taxes. When corporations pay taxes, it is double taxation (and against the Constitution.) Corporations that make a profit either re-invest the profit or pay it out as a dividend. Dividends are taxed as personal income. So, why are these protesters pro-double-taxation?

Secondly, what does hanging out on the street do to help the economy?
A: nothing.

If these protesters really want to make a change, they should buy a share of the corporations they want to change. That’s the American way to do it. Take a stake in ownership. Become responsible. Go to the annual meeting. Vote.

Thirdly, do these protesters use (demand) any of the products sold by those they are holding siege? If so, they are hypocrites. Vote with your dollars. If you don’t like a product, don’t buy it.

If these protesters are not careful, they are going to make America look like Greece.

Occupy Wall Street and Occupy Phily Videos


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