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These are the published results of the Lyonvest Investment Strategy.

Test Purchases

SymbolTransaction DatePrice# Of ShareSettlement $

NSCP10-30-9733 7/16100$3,363.70

Notes: test buy to help illustrate a covered call. First we choose a company that was familiar... and, that we wanted to hold for a long period... but, that we thought would suffer in the short-term (Netscape).

SEEK10-30-9710 5/8100$1,082.45

Notes: test buy of a company that is familiar to us and believed to be coming on strong (InfoSeek).

NQYDH10-31-973 5/81 (Call)$335.48

Notes: the actual sale of an options contract known as a covered call. The contract gives its purchaser the ability to buy our 100 shares of Netscape. They have until April to decide if they would like to purchase them from us at $40.00/share. This is a win-win contract for us:


Notes: Noranda, Inc. is a Canadian mining company. The purchase was made after the group discussed the topics of a *predicted pending blow to the U.S. markets*. February was targeted as the month to watch. The metals that Noranda mines are also of interest. Silver and other precious metals are often considered safe havens in times of uncertainty. Copper and lead are used in the making of batteries. Given the uncertainty of The y2k Problem (the inability of some computer hardware and software to deal with the year 2000), these metals could take off.

PSALY12-04-9716 3/8100$1,657.45

Notes: Petsec Energy Ltd. is an Australian energy company. It was purchased for many of the same reasons as the Noranda. In addition; given the instability in the Middle East, oil companies that are not dependent on Arab countries could soon have a precious supply.

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