Dear Boston Chicken,
Why Not Make Money Instead?

Background Info.

Boston Chicken is the corporation that owns Boston Markets, a chain of fast food family restaurants. They have recently filed for bankruptcy. Most recently, one of their corporate officers announced that they would consider taking my ownership away. Granted, I am but a small investor... but, is this the message that we want to send to the investment public?

I believe that there may be a simple plan to make Boston Chicken profitable again. If you have any information on getting this plan into the hands of the right people, please email

also see: A public letter to Mr. Levitt and Mr. Greenspan.

Profitability Plan

  1. Change the name on the outside of the restaurants to "Boston Chicken"

  2. Run a nationwide contest like this:

    Enter the Finger Licking Good Contest

    Can you help us come up with a good slogan for our restaurants? They are places where families can come to have fun and eat fun food... but everybody thinks we are a market. So, we thought a catchy slogan might help people get to know us. Kentucky Fried Chicken already has "finger lickin' good". What do you think our slogan should be?

    Your Name

    E-mail Address

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    Street Address

    State & Zip Code

    Please give a brief description of your idea:

    Click the submit button to send your request.

    Thank you.

Then, I'd send everyone who enters the contest "a coupon" for some fine family food... at their local Boston CHICKEN.

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