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Things We Know That Won't Work So Swell

"eliminating the few bad apples"

Any player that belongs to the Mean Regime would be included in the "bad apple" list. The Mean Regime is responsible for more human torture and death than any other regime in history. Some of The Mean Regime's brigade's include (listed in no particular order):

players that do things that contribute to greenhouse gases (using gas, oil, coal, etc. and things that poison the air or harm the protective layers of the Earth's atmosphere.)

players that do things that add to thermal pollution (using anything that runs a motor, makes steam, causes friction, etc. or other things that add to global warming.)

1 & 2 'ers
players that go to the bathroom in someone else's drinking water (or spread their bodily fluids in any way that results in the sickness or death of another player.)

players that do things that induce the growth of substances harmful to humans (cooling systems result in warm water, natural fertilizers, etc. and other things that breed bacteria, viri and the like.)

players that do things that kill and/or poison other life necessary for humans to grow and adapt (chlorine, mercury, lead, pesticides, etc. These are usually things that either get into the food chain and are consumed by humans, or things that actually kill an essential part of the food chain)

players that do things that interfere with the adaptation process of the human immune system (antibiotics, antibacterial agents, insect repellents or other remedies that don't solve the underlying illness, and in fact... may make the illness stronger... faster. and, us weaker... less immune... faster.)

It would appear that every player is a bad apple. If you eliminate all the bad apples, you will eliminate all the players. (This is not an acceptable answer, unless -- it can be done without killing the player's children; it can be done in time to save the planet; and, there are no other better alternatives then a regime change.)

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