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Exactly What Econome Feared

The Social Justification theory suggests that the players have created the conditions in the "theater of operation" that will lead to an uninhabitable environment during the game.

The economic law concludes that the money wasted on the wars against each other has resulted in a justification that we can not currently pay for. That is to say, the pollution is so toxic that all the money in the world could not clean up the problem.

If the justification could be born by several teams, perhaps we could buy enough time to adapt. Since we are on the same team, there will be no other team to help bare these costs. Until all players realize that we are on the same team, they will continue to spend increasing amounts of money on responses that are not in accordance with the other players (suggesting an exponential trend. Make a mistake in the spending of money (waste) --> waste more money trying to fix the last mistake before adapting to it --> resulting in fatter new mistake --> more wrongful spending on "knee-jerk" corrective measures prior to adapting to either of the previous mistakes, etc. The complete formula is not yet known, but appears to include "waste to the nth degree.")

The result will be a deceleration in our ability to adapt -- relative de-evolution. Depending on how you look at it... you will feel that time is going faster... or, that you don't have enough time to adapt. To an outside observer this "downward spiral of players relative to game time" will likely resemble the vortex in a flushing toilet (also known as Cron Vortex Theory.)

At the current time, there is no known way for the players to stop or reverse the game clock.

All players on the team will be eliminated.

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