(Of A Simple Poem)

Scribbler (Of A Simple Poem) [MP3]


Come and feel it,
Come and feel it,
Come and feel it.

If you can't feel it,
Come!  Move nearer,
To Her -- Spirit,
If you can't feel it,
What's the matter?
Come! Hold dearer.

Come and feel it,
The appeal of it,
Come and feel it,
The zeal in it,
Her loving heart,
Just won't quit,
Come and feel it,
Be a conduit,
Help reveal it,
Come and feel it!

Here I kneel,
Waiting commandment,
Hope to deal,
Become tolerant,
Yet, steadfast,
On Her passage,
With a message --
A simple poem:
To come home,
At last.


Until then,
... just a scribbler,
Of a simple poem,
Scribing for Her...
No words of my own,
Propagate the signal,
And, state the known,
With a simple poem:
   One and all,
   It's time to come home!


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