Gyp, See?
(Daniel 12:2)

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Gyp, See? (Daniel 12:2) MP3


Gyp, See?

Heehe... this one was inspired by a friend's "death wish"... 
or lack thereof... and how it relates to Daniel 12:2

"And many of those whose bodies lie dead and buried will rise up"

My friend thinks it would be nice not to die. Well... what happens 
if you never die... and, you are immortal...
BUT your body keeps aging and deteriorating?

I guess one should be careful what they wish for?

Gypsy of time,
Yet, keeping your place,
In space,
Able to stay alive,
And, thrive?
Or, is all that is "mine,"
Is that possible?

If I were immortal,
Never able to die,
Would nothing being fatal,
Mean I never had to try?
What if my body parts,
Continue to age,
Would there be replacement hearts?
Would designer body parts be all the rage?
Or, would I need to turn into a grave robber,
 Just to maintain my ability to slobber?

Can you lend me a hand?
I'm trying to understand...
If I work my fingers to the bone,
Will I be left all alone?
Or, will my answer lie under a grave stone?
Can you lend me an ear,
For I fear,
Going deaf,
Without death,
I'll never be able to hear.

Gypsy of time,
Gyps me of what's mine --
For what is life,
Without death? 


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