Glazed MP3

Ab dim / Abm / E


The liquid coating,
Turns solid,
It's turning colder,
As the temperature drops,
The raindrops,
Cause the branches,
To drop.

The heavy weight,
Upon their shoulder,
Makes them bend,
At the knee,
And, at night,
There is no sense,
There is no sight.

But, upon daylight,
It's easy to see,
From valley to valley.

Underneath the canopy,
It's devastating,

Trees twisted,
Their trunks smashed,
Upon trashed trunks,
Of cars and trucks.

Limbs entangled,
In power lines,
Or, mangled,
Protruding into someone's home.

Hope? There's some...
I'm amazed,
As I raise,
My line of sight,
Everything's glazed.

Shimmering and shinning,
In the light --
A sight to delight.

The artist that created,
This scene,
Must have a deeper meaning,
A gleam,
Transcending ,
With a translucent,
A passage of wonderment.

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