Going Through A Phrase

Going Through A Phrase MP3

Am / Am7 / Fm7


I guess,
I'm just going through a phrase,
As I watch us raise,
The amount of phase,
'cause they tell me,
That's what She's going through --
A phase in evolution,
And, the Lady Of The Wood,
Will get over it,
She'll pass through it,
And, as She matures,
Her blemishes,
Will disappear,
Mother Nature's Cure,
The smear.

So, what can I say,
As a boil on Her on butt,
I'd pass into a phrase,
But, on second look,
Who'll read our history book?
Hmmm... guess my phase,
Will be to fade away?
Or, the both of us,
Popped of puss?

Her blemishes,
Mother Nature's Cure,
The smear.

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