Do You Mind?

Do You Mind? MP3


Do you mind,
If I use my mind...
'cause that's kinda what I had,
In mind.

Comes in handy,
When I'm in a bind,
Or, turning sad,
Into "fine n' dandy."

Since my brain,
Is a lil' malnourished,
I'd be glad,
If ya fed me,
Some mind candy.
Drive me sane,
Time is cherished.

Thoughts flourished,
Troubles washed down the drain,
Thoughts encouraged,
With little... to no strain,
Muster the courage,
To use the brain.

Do you mind?

Leave worries behind,
With solutions galore,
Leave troubles behind,
Why worry any more?

Do you mind?

Look on,
To what's in store,
Look behind,
The secret door,
Look beyond...
Thoughts pour.

Do you mind,
If I find,
What's in mind?

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