Are You Ready To Come?

Are You Ready To Come? MP3


Are you ready to come?
'cause they're ready to go,
(And, you'd think they'd know?)
So, are you done?
It's time to run,
We've new seeds to sow,
If there's nothing to reap,
There'll be nothing to keep.

Are you ready to come?
If it's coming undone,
You know,
You'll grow,
A new one,
So, are you ready to go?
We've fertilizer to spread,
Gotta keep the soul fed,
With a warm heart,
And, a straight head,
So... are you ready to depart?

Are you ready to come?
Thank God we can hitch a ride,
... we don't wanna miss this,
Quick! Climb inside,
This is better than a wish,
Who'd 've thought it'd be such fun?

I'm so glad you came,
Things wouldn't 've been the same,
Now, take a look outside,
Our universe... so vast and wide,
Everything within,
Everything without,
Is related... it's our kin,
That's what it's all about --
How we relate,
With love and hate.

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