Connect The Dots

F# / F#m / F#6

I almost forgot,
The dot,
Or, for that matter,
A lot of dots,
Not just a scatter,
But, how they connect,
Does affect,
And, does effect.

There's a point,
On your molar's root,
Connected to a joint,
On your foot,
And, did you know,
Near your toe,
Does go,
Between your hips,
Past your lips,
To behind your ear?
Or, squeeze your earlobe,
For some pain killing,
Sending out a probe...
Relieving strain,
On the brain.

Are you willing,
To consider the connection?
It can cure infection,
Ease the pain,
Keeping you,
Alleviate a headache,
Treat the flu,
If you just take,
Time... to connect the dots,
There's lots,
You can do,
If you just make,
The connection,
They'll be a resurrection,
To your wellbeing,
Is it worth trying?

Yes, we're all dying,
But, why promote suffering,
Along the way,
Yes, we're all mortal,
But, why be lackadaisical,
About trying?

Apply the touch,
As much,
As needed,
Push the button,
To continue on,

Are there any "why nots,"
For connecting the dots?

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