Justice Diagnostics

Dm / C / F

If you're not feeling good,
Or, at least,
Not as good as you could,
I suggest you unleash,
The power of,
Justice diagnostics.

Ya gotta love,
The trick,
To not being sick.

So, the troubadour sings,
About the most important things --
Energy intake,
And, outflow.

Did you know,
The way you participate,
Makes all the difference?
What calories you take in,
Minerals, water and vitamin,
How do you use them?
Do you store it as fat?
Is that where it's at?
Or, are you a mess,
Under too much stress,
Ohhh my goodness,
Don't get too tense.

But, I suppose that's the point --
A balanced diet...
Why not try it?
And, a balanced tone...
I find,
Will leave you less prone,
To an attack,
Of any kind.

Try to justify,
Your essence,
For a healthier presence.
When you need to diagnose,
I suppose,
You should look at those,
The detractors,
To balance,
And, there is a great chance,
You'll diagnose,
The problem...
It happens,
Time and time again.

Too much sodium,
Not enough calcium,
The stress of a job,
Inactivity of a slob,
Repetitive motion syndrome,
Not leaving the home to roam,
Eating like a hog,
Unable to love a dog...
Or, any romance,
Throws off,
Your balance,
Is a cause of,
The failure of prevention,
Leading you to,
A malady,
Really a tragedy,
If we would have gone for balance,
When we had the chance.

Yes, I suggest you try this,
Justice diagnostics,
Add it to your bag of tricks,
A justice diagnostic,
To cure the sick.

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