Dm / Dm7(11)

What a trip...
Call me a fan,
Takes me on,
An astral plane,
The Sandman.

It'll sooth my nerves,
Calmly, coolly, collectively, 
There just aren't enough adverbs,
For what it deserves,
It'll help me to relax,
Calm me right down,
Check your medical facts,
On this funky noun --

Let it reign!

Essential for the brain,
Keep from going insane,
So, hop on the tryptophan train.

Please give me some cheese,
Or, lean protein,
A baked potato,
Surely, my turkey,
I'll gobble, gobble, gobble,
And, I'd be nuts,
Not to crack,
Some walnuts,
No if's and's or buts,
Never did,
Want to lack,
An essential amino acid.

So, don't get tripped up,
Drink a cup,
Of silk white milk,
Or, give a yelp,
For some kelp,
If you'd prefer,
A dish of fish,
Or an egg,
Easy over...
How about a chicken leg?
No need to beg,
There's plenty around,
No need to beg,
It's easily found.

The truth is plain,
On tryptophan,
It's needed by the brain,


Found in foods that contain protein, tryptophan is an essential amino acid. Tryptophan converts into 5-HTP, then can be converted into serotonin. At night, the pineal gland converts serotonin into melatonin -- the sleep-inducing hormone.

L-tryptophan, dopamine, norepinephrine and noradrenaline are essential for neurological health.

L-tryptophan is found in milk (especially heated), turkey, fish, and other meats, roasted pumpkin seeds, baked potatoes in their skin, kelp, eggs, nuts, beans, and cheese (especially cheddar and Swiss cheeses.)

B-12 and B-6 are important in the combination.

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