Empower Plant

Empower Plant.mp3

Cm / Csus4 / G7sus4


If I had the power,
Of power generation...
To generate enough power,
To power a generation,
I would.

If I could...
Generate an interest,
In what's in our best interest,
I would.

If I should...
Forget to mention,
The higher power,
Deserves our attention,
She can deliver power,
To our,
And, our generation,
Can be an empowerment plant.

Instead of being a wallflower,
I can be a plant --
An empower plant,
Instead of being an energy drain,
I can help sustain,
I've taken from the grid,
I did,
I've thrown the switch,
Drained our resources,
Changing rivers' courses,
Turning fog to smog,
On the smoke we choke,
Yes, it was me,
Wasting freely,
What need I ascertain,
To make a change,
To help sustain,
Instead of drain, drain, drain?

Nothing more,
Change is in range,
Enough of before,
Time to transplant,
To an empower plant.

Crank up the juice,
Let the love loose,
A higher power,
Across the wire,
From an empower planet's,
Power plant.

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