Here I am...
Is it predestined?
Will I eat steak,
Or ham?
Have I no choice?

Yet, I know,
I can raise my voice,
Sure, I can take,
But, I can grow,
To give, too.

What about you?
Do you choose,
Where you go?
Or, are you asleep,
At the wheel?

How deep,
Do you feel?

Is it fate,
To hate?
Is my destiny,
To cause injury?

If you say,
"That is the way."
Then, why bother,
Going through the day,
If it doesn't matter,
How you play?

My will is free,
It is I,
Who determines,
How hard,
I try.

It is man's,
As to how,
He will live.

It would be a shame,
To take away blame,
By saying he has no freewill,
To help save,
Or, decide to kill.

It's never fate,
To hate...
Wouldn't you say,
That's no way,
To behave?