Chains Of Events

Chains Of Events (MP3)


Will I be an event,
In this chain reaction?
Can I prevent,
The preceding event?

The Earth did quake,
Causing man to shake,
... in his boots,
The sea did wake,
Are they in cahoots?

In these chains of events,
Will there be a change of servants?
Does chaos theory suggest,
The rest?
Though it sounds strange,
Will we rearrange,
First and last?

It's hard for my pea brain,
To grasp,
I feel lame,
Trying to tame,
The chain of events,
In the past,
And, the present.
Will the future,
Hold my last attempt,
To prevent,
My final event?

In the row,
What domino,
Am I?
Do you know,
When I'll fall?
Is it an outcome,
We can call?
I don't want to say,
"There's more I could've done!"
Will I figure a way,
To know the answer why?
And, stop the next fellow,
From falling over,
Or, at least discover,
A way to slow,
The approach?

I understand,
The ocean does encroach,
The land,
In this last chain of events,
But, what prevents,
This chain from going on... and on and on and on and on... so long?