Cracked Bell

Cracked Bell (MP3)

Take pity,
On every city,
'cause when the Earth quakes,
Our foundation shakes.

It's more than rumor,
That we felt a tremor,
'cause it's true we're ringing,
Like a cracked bell,
Nature's singing,
"Say farewell."

Ding dong the witch ain't dead,
Bringing on what we dread,

"It's a small world after all,"

"For whom does the bell toll?"

Is nature's fall,
Due to man's role?
As we vibrate the gate,
And, open hell.

Now, we're ringing,
Like a cracked bell,
Feel it stinging?
Doesn't feel so swell,
Now, we're ringing,
Like a cracked bell.

Ding. Dong. Ding. Dumb.

I'd said:  By the way...
The earthquake that rocked Indonesia... 
was felt by seismic meters in Pennsylvania
I guess, it's a small world after all?

sidd replied:
the whole earth rings like a bell for weeks after such an event ...

I wonder:
like a cracked bell?

rick asks:
don't get much higher than a 9 does it?  
what would happen in a 10?  
does the scale go higher than 10?

sidd replied:

sez ...
However, rock mechanics seems to preclude earthquakes smaller than about -1
or larger than about 9.5

i wonder:
hmmm... "seems"?

leroy replied:
years ago, the 60s, an indian master told people i know
that the earth could shift axis in two and a half days
you read the science reports that the earth's wobble changed
from this "event"
water rising
ice age
what is the cause of all this

i'd said:
whole earth ringing -- like a cracked bell?

rick replied:
it wasn't ringin' for freedom

i go on:
that's what i'm wondering... if it perhaps is was ringing for freedom?

what i mean is... there have long been natural disasters
BUT i'm questioning whether man is increasing the volatility AND
perhaps the intensity

does it "seem" that we could push over 9.5 because of the crack
we made in "our bell"

the alaska earthquake / global warming study seems to say
"seems" is so?  the higher sea level and 10,000 of thousands
of people on the coast line dyin' also seems to suggest
Man is making a bad situation worse

so, will mother nature ring Her earth free again...
even if it means free from us?

yes... perhaps the answer to leroy's question
    "what is the cause of all this"
    "well i don't know if one thing is the cause...
     so i won't say -- human is the cause...
     but it sure 'seems' like humen would be a good

humen built to close to the sea
humen made the sea rise
humen helped intensify natural disasters

without these mistakes made by individual humans... 
no one would have died?