Sure Sore

Sure Sore (MP3)

   I'm not quite sure, 
   Why I'm so sore,
   So, to myself I say,
     "Hey! Didn't think you could take any more?"
   To which, I reply,
     "Ahhh... so what,
     I'll endure."

Though my heart does ache,
In fact, we make it break,
When we're so careless,
With all at steak,
My stomach does turn,
The more I learn,
About what we've done,
But, that's just half the mess,
'cause we continue,
We do.


Though my head is numb,
Knowing we're dumb,
We're dumb?
We're done...
Getting second a chance,
We've missed,
The last dance,
And, it'll make ya sick,
If'n ya think on it,
Once it's clicked,
It'll make you irritated,
It'll fester and boil...
Until it's over?

Please... let us discover,
A cure.